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Tap water damage pearl luster Some people want to wear pearl after cleaning and maintenance, do not know the use of tap water for short cleaning little effect on the jewelry, but if used to soak pearl, absolutely must not.

In addition, wearing pearl before it will be sent to the bank’s safe deposit box before washing and maintenance, so as to avoid the accumulation of dirt in the future so long pearl discoloration.

But at least it is best to remove it when washing hands, because some soaps contain different levels of alkaline substances, over time and for the more vulnerable gems, may cause an injury, and soap in the soap is also easy to get stuck in the ring
Careful use of ultrasonic cleaning machine ultrasonic cleaner k karat jewelery and k gold cleaning jewelry does have a good cleaning effect, in particular, can be gem slit, the brush can not brush the grease dust cleaning
In addition, although the ultrasonic cleaning machine cleaning effect, but not as easy to use it often, if used too often, easy to make small drill can not afford to repeatedly shock and loose or fall.

Daily use of cosmetics, should try to avoid contaminated jewelry.

In general, the order of wearing jewelry should be worn after wearing clothes, then wear jewelry.

You may have heard some people remove the jewelry for hand washing and put it on the sink, accidentally fall on the ground,
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or slip into the drain.

After many people remove the jewelry, the jewelry box is placed in a drawer at home instead of being used. This is a pity. new cartier bracelets

Regularly carefully examine the jewelry busy modern consumers are often busy after returning home to remove the jewelry, into the jewelry box, next time you want to use it out and then wear it, jewelry is so recycled, maybe you spend less energy
This article will introduce the size of jewelry showcase and decoration renderings.

So how do we identify these cohabitation of jewelry appraisal certificate yet.

For newcomers to join jewelry stores, but often less experienced.

In the scientific standpoint, it is not always true and therefore necessary for its rectification.

How to care for jewelry Detailed 9 ways to maintain jewelry In fact, the maintenance and cleaning of jewelry, there are many details that must be noted, for example: Do not touch the jewelry often.

Spread a statement in the jewelry circle: Toothbrush with a toothbrush to brush jewelry, jewelry can be used looks bright as new.

Pearl is absolutely avoided. The most appropriate wash solution should be a diluted neutral surfactant (eg salads, baby shampoo).

Human body from time to time in the skin surface excretion of sweat and oil, the hand is the most easy to touch the body parts, so the skin of the oil often contaminated the surface of the hand, touch the stones, hand oil is easy to stay in the gem
However, Jadeite jade belongs to the aggregate structure, often touch it can make jade more moist and lovely.

Because tap water has a fixed content of chlorine (c1), will damage the luster of the pearl surface, in fact,
copy cartier earrings fifty cartier new diamond ring collection

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